Chilling Realities

It gives me chills when I think of the days past and even more when I look ahead. This life which is no doubt a blessing from Allah S.W is becoming real now. The steps I took without thinking has now become leaps over a high bar and the track of life being stretched to a distant far too long for the lame feet to cover. But it is only that I have made it harder for myself by making a hard shell around myself of being over conscious about things I never gave a second thought about before but then the over consciousness is the need as security of what I have is more important to me than anything. I have made it difficult for myself by not sharing and not letting others in. In to my thoughts and into my basic interests. But then again isn’t that what the others need to understand what I am trying to do here and let me a hand of support if not in shape but in form.

The reality of life shows itself to me from time to time and I might be taking the wrong steps again as I did before but that is what my thinking capabilities are and I think Allah has given me the strength to bear it all with an open heart and wait for his blessings while taking the next leap. The reality of being alone while taking a decision and when the whole responsibility sits on your shoulders only and you have a last chance but still you want to do something and jump into something you wanted to do all your life becomes difficult because that decision is only yours and no one else can understand the fact that you have dreams bigger than even their own thinking.

I dreamt and I still dream of a day when I would be in a state when I would look down upon my past doings and laugh and say I DID IT!

Allah give me strength to reach that mile stone and be as successful as wished for and have dreamt for all this time. Whatever I do I start it off with your name and the name of Muhammad PBUH and wish I can be just and on track.

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