Sacred Blood Washes Fears


Today the Nation alongside our uniformed brothers & sisters celebrated defence day of Pakistan and offered the deserved acknowledgment to the armed forces of Pakistan. The forces which have always proved to be at the forefront of every man made and natural calamity that has occured in the country. The blood and sweat offered by the forces makes every Pakistani sleep with ease knowing somebody is watching their frontiers and the internal threats within the state. I must say here that the blood of our Shuhuda (martyrs) washes the very fear from the public’s mind and hearts. Nations are built with public striving to prosper socially and economically where the forces are their to protect their interest and honor the pledge they make to the motherland. It must be kept in mind that Allah gives the power of choice to humans yet these couple of million soldiers whether Army, Nay, Airforce, Police, FC or Rangers have chosen the life which is always enormously demanding and at risk against what all of us have chosen for ourselves. Pakistan is a proud nation where as myself (didn’t get through) most of the young chooses forces over any other profession first, where some are selected who are deserving and who are blessed by Allah SW to be chosen for the sacred duty.

I cannot restrain my feelings from mentioning those who have put their personal and political agendas before Pakistan; for them I have just one word to say TRAITORS.  May Allah give you hidayat as the doors of repent are always open in his court.

Our forces deserve the best of our respect and support especially in the pertaining situation with our arch rival India over Kashmir. I pray to Allah that this great nation of ours is given the opportunity, the bravery and the courage to stand fast for the sanctity of Ummah, Islam and humanity at large.