The State and The Statesman, Imran Khan

I am sure the world was ready for Tayyab Erdogan to highlight all pertaining issues with Muslim Ummah but they must be taken by surprise how Imran Khan came out as a global leader, a statesman nobody knew existed who has successfully presented Pakistan as a nation for peace and offers righteous articulated statement on each and every topic that was put his way. The perception about Pakistan being irresponsible seems to be cleared which was a result of the incompetent and laid back international diplomacy of his predecessors. Even his political rivals back home are dumb struck and are in complete shock over Khan becoming the talk of the summit and becoming a celebrity for among the most searched personality.

Pakistan stands tall amongst the world nations in UNGA2019 where Imran Khan’s charisma,composure and bold narrative has won many hearts not just of the countrymen but of foreigners as well as they had never experienced such a leader from Pakistan since Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (I guess). Well despite his personality traits wooing many there, he has been very actively meeting a number of foreign leaders which I believe is a record to be engaged in such high level diplomacy so fiercely. Against all expectations of Khan to focus on only Kashmir, his narrative and approach to the matter has a larger canvas that engulfs not just the core issue at hand but rather Islamophobia, terrorism, radicalization in societies, tolerance in cultures and religions, environment, corruption and money laundering.

Pakistan has come out to be in the lime light of the world stage and has been rightfully presented as a responsible nuclear state which can no longer play as ordered but rather assist in achieving what it deems right for it and the world around it. Having been offered and a statement released by the Iranian foreign office for assistance in talks between US and Iran, Pakistan if plays a role can truly become a role player on the world stage.

On the other hand Narendra Modi, killer of Gujrat and the brown Hitler, has been chanting election slogans for Donald Trump like how much can one degrade himself and his country to the level to start chanting Trump Our Next President. Indian media and people calling him the father of India; wonder where did Mahatma Gandhi go, was he not on the position. The fact of the matter is the religious culture vistas of India called the RSS do not consider him one, they murdered him and that is exactly what is being done now in Kashmir for the last 53 days. RSS goons in military uniforms ready for a planed genocide of the civilians just for the sake of their ideological differences but still the world remains silent over the atrocities as they are on Palestine, Syria, Burma and all. One must keep in mind that there are 200 million muslims in India and in Asam State they have also been declared non nationals. History does repeats itself and this time in the east.India which is considered as the place to go before you die has become the place to go if you want to die.

Donald Trump’s elections, impeachment has put him on a soft corner where he has repeatedly offered his role as an arbitrator midst Pakistan and India where the reports are that he with his meeting on the sidelines of UNGA has asked Modi to resolve the issue and to Modi’s surprise talk of letting Pakistan play a role in the Iran, US conflict it is a major blow to his diplomatic efforts, the plates are shifting the other way it seems but you never know.

Khan is obsessive and develops high hopes where he should realize that International games are cruel and graver realities of man kind and one should not rely on the faces he sees their and smiles he receives but then you can always be optimistic and play as an influencer which so far he is turning out be one.

Khan has played his cards very rightly and with much patience but i believe unfortunately for him and for us all Pakistanis where he has put his utmost effort to the cause since 5th Aug, this speech might be the aces in his sleeve and if not a flush then a standoff between two nuclear nations bceomes inevitable. If Khan plays his words right tomorrow and is as deliberate and speaks his heart out tomorrow in the address to the UNGA, I am sure many of the world leaders are going to look forward to having second thoughts on their policies for a Pakistan that they have seen there in UNGA.

I must make dua to Allah SW to give him the true words, the wisdom and the courage to say what you and your beloved Muhammad SAW would want him to and deliver not just for Kashmir, Pakistan but the whole Muslim Ummah and humanity.

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