World Order At Stake

This day on the 51st day of the lockdown of the Indian Occupied Kashmir where the Indian forces under the Modi regime have captured the basic rights of the 9 Million residents of the state. Health provisions and food supply is scarce where true reports cannot be accessed because of the communications being halted by the occupation forces yet Modi enjoys Howdi Modi in the state of Texas before the UNGA summit in the US alongside President Trump. Trump administration baffled by the internal whistle blowing conspiracy in Washington and having its next elections on the horizon has assured the Modi of his support in eradicating Islamic Radical Terrorism where we all know what their definition of the above mentioned term is. Kashmiris in the IOK has been at their freedom strive for more than seventy years now and since the tensions after 5th Aug, 2019 has doubled in the valley. It was least expected that Indian forces would be able to sustain the curfew this long but ironically they are and the sentiments in the Kashmir both in IOK and AJK are on the rise to take drastic measures. On the other hand since the dreadful day of 5th Aug where the indian actions have made Pakistan realize how weak their stance was on the matter for the last 3 to 4 decades and how unprofessional the foreign policy has been towards making the issue public internationally. With the Imran Khan regime coming in the midst of the situation which was never expected still took a bold stance in relating to the matter with emotion and zeal but then to all Pakistanis and Kashmiris esp. in IOK the horror begins with Khan getting softer on the issue against indians bashing their threats even on that stage of Houston, takes a softer corner behind diplomacy, with him being celebrated wrongfully for the US visit just before where the Trump’s mention of assisting in the matter was taken as success where the indians had already planned ahead for the major operation both in the diplomatic galleries and militarily.

Imran Khan speech in the UNGA might not have the effect after what Modi and Trump has shown in Texas as him banking on the Trump’s assistance offer has been put to a bin last night with Modi scratching his beard in affirmation during the Trump speech. I do not know what Khan’s advisors would bring out of the hat now but one thing is for sure from now on that whatever the game plan was has been ruined before hand and there must be confusion in the Pakistani camp in the US right now especially Shah Mehmood Qureshi (Foreign Minister of Pakistan) who was the artist, longing to be accepted as a statesman and wishful of the premiership of the country can be found scratching the mud which has gone dry before he could make up a sculpture and take credit for it back home.

I must say here that Imran Khan should realize now that if the US is not going to back his narrative then most of the world is not going to be eager either and for the said reason a need for a stronger stance is required to let the international community know that if so the two nuclear states are going to go horns to hooves with each other rest assured it is not just going to be the military but rather the sentiments on both sides of the border in general public are also welcoming of a long awaited conflict so to decide on the matter once and for all. With having faith in the Pakistan Army now people are going to look up towards the GHQ to take the matter in to its own hands rather than leaving to a weak, unskilful and confused foreign ministry officials. If so happens the question marks on the ability of the Khan’s government to steer Pakistan away from all internal and external issues will raise in size and numbers even in his own circle.

I must add here that Imran Khan must remember that he is leading the first Islamic Republic Nation of the world which is by far very different in many ways than most muslim countries having liking to the religion in the core of every family and following of the basic pillars of Islam including Jihad. If given the disappointment on Kashmir, the nation is going to put aside any political affiliation and take matters into their own hands.

The international community on the matter should also be heads on heels here as if the conflict starts between the two nations it is going to change the world order and for Trump the 1.4 Million Indian voters in Houston might not do any good. In just a few days all would be clear and we would know where the whole world stands for, peace or war; a war which can rage as far as Jerusalem.

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