A Comical Nation

I wonder if Stan Lee had his inspiration for creating his super heroes from Pakistan and I believe he did but then the history would change but as his characters portray the same kind of abilities and powers as we do have in different sectors of our nation and we have the same kind of characters as them just in abundance rather than being the chosen one. The accidents and the gene mutations that made them super heroes in the comics had happened to one but we are having them since 1947.

Take iron man the infamous play boy come billionaire come genius for instance; lives in a mansion with his own weapons company at his back surrounds himself with an iron suit to be safe from the heavy blows of the bad guys and also the law. As he thinks because of his power he is above the law and none can match his intelligence; so does the elite of our country act in the same manner. The only difference being Tony Stark wears his Iron Man suit while doing what he does and our politicians and the elite class does it while wearing Armani’s and Gucci’s.

Then there is superman, though it is not a marvel character rather a creation of Siegel and Shuster, a boy raised by a nice couple as their own despite they knew he was an alien. Superman being the cool dude who lives a normal humble life as news reporter and lives in shadows until he needs to rip his clothes off and show his might to all and be decisive in letting people know he means business. But there is one weakness which is kryptonite. The army does show its might when the need is more but its high command`s hunger for power when they do show their might and being decisive leads them into a delusional path and that same power proves as kryptonite.

Dr. Bruce Banner being the nice guy who had an accident and mutated his genes to be a potential power machine. He only turns green when something makes his blood boil, he tries hard not to start bulking and ripping through each thread of his clothing like anmarvel_characters_02 animal and though he is a doctor but becomes a pea brain when he is green. Well I guess there is no need to explain to whom that resembles to but then thinking of some being pea brains the whole time; I am referring to the general public at large. They are brown but it takes a very less time to make them go green and destructive to a level they don’t even know whether they are hitting a human or a punching bag. The turning of a procession into mob takes a second and all that is required is a mere punch to their religious believes which most of them have very little knowledge off.

Thor being the guy with a really heavy hammer which only he can lift to bang stuff and make a difference between good and evil. Born to a noble king and a dynasty but as he is not satisfied with his being and explores to find more but at the end ends up banging the same hammer for the same reason he was being put into being. The stature of the judiciary is far more elevated than any of the institutes within any land and being the only place of justice still is being not used as it should be and the hammer slams down upon often those who were mere pawns and the knights and bishops are being given a chance to escape while the dust of the hammer slam settles down.

Then there is the super hero loved by all young or old for his wit and being able to flex and fly with his webs and catch bad guys and young girls alike in the same web that is so sticky even a dump trucks cannot break it. His bold attitude towards issues in a manner of being shy about it and also being innocent about things that one adores him for it, is just a thing what media corps are doing these days. Being blunt and humble, spreading propaganda though innocent, loud mouth though manipulative and being a spider for all to have them get into their web of lies and manipulations, extortion and have no moral sense about it. The power of media in Pakistan is alarming and that is the same reason they are being used and fed by foreign agencies against the good will of the nation.

This character is not a Marvel creation but still it fits the whole scene. It is the zombie. Open zombiemouth no brains and spreading the virus to others knowing and unknowingly. These are the people who watch too much news channels their whole concentration is remembering the analysis by others and giving their own mixed up edition to their social circle. Every person has become a zombie and would rather watch a news channel than to be with his children. This sensation of news channels has brought a majority of the nation to the zombie state and the virus is spreading fast.

Well there is one another character which might not be loved by many bit as this character is very influential and persuasive in his manner and skills and making others believe of him as true is the Loki, brother to the Thor. He gets into your subconscious and plays games with your thoughts and feelings to manipulate for his own interest. Social sector organization and NGO, and human rights activists being there to show as if they are doing the best job but someone within the organization or someone who has worked closely with them would understand that they have drank from the same grail as Loki. Their deceiving nature and looking for interest in anarchy is their manner of earning more money and power. Crying over split milk rather than on spilt milk is their norm of working.

There are more examples one can give in the same context but it would require more pages and as I wanted to keep it short, I hope you have the same kind of thinking as I have and may Allah SW keep our beloved nation Pakistan safe.


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