Bleeding wounds


A mother still wakes up with haste in the morning so to prepare her child’s favourite lunch for the school and wake him up so he would not be late but then she sees the fulsize portrait of her child,besides his uniform hanging on the wall right infront of her and then she realizes that her child is no more but rather in heaven with his comrads where they shall remain for eternity. Her believe in the heavens makes her heart beat at a normal pace but then her motherhood kicks in and she is left with tears, unbareable pain for not being able to be a mother anymore to that innocense which was the reason of her living.
A year has gone since the day our children were masaccred and you find very few examples but rather none of a sort in the history. Those innocent children dressed in green and white having dreams of their own and their parents having plans for them were taken. Through those children Allah has sent us a strong message of not being togeather and has shown us people who had or had not pain in their heart for them. The whole country wept that day as each and every child’s face is the same as our own and their hurt is what devstates you. Those innocent faces smiling down upon us in their pictures are saying something as what had they done to deserve this but then they are in a better place but still these wounds dont heal and infact I would want mine to be cancerous so I might never dare to forget what those children, those parents went through on 16 December,2014 in Army Public School Peshawar.
I would never forget those faces, though I did not know them but I love them and I shall never forget as part of my country’s future was taken so mercilessly from us.
Each and every child from the heaven shall be saying to the whole nation to be wise and be righteous and always be on the right side. It is never wrong to say or do the right thing.
May Allah bless them all and give the parents of those children strength to bare and the will to be righteous to every Pakistani out there.

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