Oversight Pakistan GE-2018

Image result for party symbols of pakistanThe countdown to the general election of 2018 (25th July) has begun though I do not see very active campaigns in general from any political parties rather than on TV screens and media talks outside courts. I believe the time has come to showcase powers and influence in all. I also believe there is some sort of game plan being developed by the king makers. The rumors of PTI getting a chance for the premier this time around are ambitious as the circumstances does not permits but rather the self destructive approach of PML-N has made them over confident which the party leaders needs to address. PTI needs to wear shoes of realism here and get out of their self praising habits to focus more on the general public views especially in KP where whatever their claims may be are still overshadowed by mix feeling on the public’s part. People’s Party for sure has kept its stronghold to themselves despite Imrans attempt to dishonor them for their corruptions, lawlessness and incompetence in the last five years. The nation laughed at the recent ceremony being held for the deprating MPAs of Sindh assembly for achievement awards. Or kya kya dekhne ko mile ga sahab.

Though in the same context of having to lead the elections lies the responsibility over ECP, CJP and the newly appointed PM. Transparent elections has never been seen in this country where GE of 1970 takes advantage for being non anticipated and the sitting rulers were caught off guard has shown all till date not to just leave it be but to influence it somehow to keep their part of the pie for themselves. I also wish for the CJP to make Asghar Khan case a priority and decide for the better as to show dos and don’ts of the democracy and make symbols of ones responsible.

The general public need to understand the very importance of their vote and what it would make this country in the future. Such elections are rare in any country’s history where a single vote if not sold for PKR.1500 or a lunch box can change the fate of this nation for good or for worse. I am less worried about the uneducated but more about the educated lot where their affiliations to politicians for personal gains, family traditions, business deals and rishtas make it harder for them to seek beyond their own selves which in my opinion is alarming as the fundings for party elections comes from this very lot. The support and influence over masses comes from this section of society in their own constituencies.

International community eyeing this mega event for their agendas play a major role in manipulating the circumstances to their favor and for that very reason the proactive role of ECP, CJP and PM is of utmost importance where the security agencies are at the forefront for it all if they are not made to work on somebody’s behest.

I pray to Allah; may Allah grant us the wisdom to decide better for this nation through our single vote which can topple tyrants and elevates democracies.

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