Rise Again, Pakistan

179436_542525992457565_1163638213_n.jpgElections 2018 an intense experience of suspense, thrill and motivation for the whole nation has left us with the one Imran Khan and PTI as the leading political party of the country. Probably the second such endeavour by the Pakistani nation after Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto though I tend to lean for considering the Bhutto regime as a puppet show for the masses. It is yet a proud moment for the nation to see Imran Khan in the black Sherwani and take oath as the prime minister of Pakistan on the 18th August 2018. The APC formed against the success of the PTI has crumbled as legos and as it never had a strong formation right from the beginning. As always sectarian sentiments are being sold to their followers which may had led to a bitter start for the new government formation but than the ideology plays its role and the schemes to derail the democracy biggest ever voted turnout has already spoken and proven what the people of Pakistan wants. This role of the APC or say just Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman, Asfandyar Wali and Mehmood Khan Achakzai is proving to unveil their true faces of being against what Pakistan stands for, what the institutions follow as their constitutional role, and what the forces do as their sworn duty to the soil. Loss is a big bite to swallow and it takes a man of dignity to swallow where it seems the dignity is scarce in the mentioned lot; especially where the Aimal Wali Khan has spit venom on not just the institutions but questioned the formation of the state even with calling Qauid E Azam a dictator. The silence of Siraj Ul Haq speaks volumes and disregard of the PPP of the statements given by the other APC members is a sign welcoming for the future of the elected new government. Though I believe Imran Khan’s compromises on major seats in the national and provincial cabinets may lead to a rocky road ahead in control over the federation. Team building is needed and selection of the most competent may result in the deliverance of his agenda. PTI has yet to prove its worth and it has a long route ahead of itself. The PTI voter is volatile where nothing is hidden from their eyes. The PTI is going to be more in their microscope than their opposition. I have seen things change in KP and I hope it shall for the whole f Pakistan and I am deeply proud of my nation to have voted to filter out the ones whose agenda is nothing more than their own hunger for power. I congratulate PTI and especially Imran Khan again on the success with a prayer to Allah to give him the strength, the wisdom and the righteousness to take a you turn (lighter note) from the downhill journey this country was put to.

May Allah bless us to have been proud of the day we got to elect someone to make our Pakistan rise from the ruins and so we can celebrate the coming 14th August as true and joyful nation.

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